Colorado was built by men chasing their dreams. Men who carried the legacy of their families from the East Coast, dipping their pans into cold mountain water, hoping to pull out a better life. Abbott & Wallace™ dips into those same streams to make life a little better for you. To give everyone chasing their dreams a chance to unwind and savor the important moments, the good memories, and raise a glass to those who came before us.

Abbott & Wallace was started by two Florida boys with a passion for the drink and the good times that follow. John Young and HK Wallace have been best friends since middle school. Reckless dreamers, they never took the easy road, but always followed their hearts. Both were inspired by a parent’s entrepreneurial spirit. John’s mother, a world traveler and business woman, showed him that kindness and quality time could turn strangers into life-long friends. HK’s father, a brilliant North Florida developer,threw renowned lake shore parties and taught him how hard work applied to a goal could make great things happen. HK’s father was a single-malt connoisseur. John’s mom loved her Caribbean Rum. Both left an undeniable mark on their children before tragically passing in 2010 and 2013, respectively. 

Having started brewing beer in college, both guys knew their dream job would be crafting the perfect social lubricant in a place designed for the laughter, deep conversations, and the general shenanigans that comes with it. The road to distilling took them through Europe, ostensibly learning the history of beer, but in reality doing a lot more tasting of it. Then they heard that seductive call of the land where so many dreams had been built --Colorado.

They got jobs at up and coming breweries, Avery and Upslope, and learned the art of crafting Colorado gold. HK used his metalworking skills to start Hammered Kopper Works, making distilling systems used around the world.John worked his way up to brewer. Both realized that while beer was perfectly fine, their hearts and souls wanted to make spirits. So, the guys found a mentor who owned a Boulder distillery and learned the art of crafting exceptionally good spirits.

Finally, Abbott & Wallace Distilling Company was born, a nod to all those who came before us.Compassion and gratitude for their southern roots is soaked and smoked into the grains from which they make whiskey. It is also brazed and blazed into the copper from which they built their still. They begin with Longtucky™ Spirits, a fun play on their personalities and lovely new home town in Colorado. Longtucky is a celebration of the local community and will feature a variety of customized local ingredients. As their spirits mature, Abbott & Wallace will release a Single Malt Whiskey and a Caribbean Style Rum.These flagship spirits pay homage to the parents who taught them the value of making the small moments in life matter, surrounded by the smiling faces of those you love. So saddle up next to someone who matters to you, pour a glass of the good stuff, and make some memories of your own.


John Young

John Young

Howard "HK" Wallace



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